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Providing Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Leveraging our unique suite of workforce optimization solutions, healthcare organizations can execute customized workforce strategies.

The Alliance
Venn brings together a curated selection of competitor companies that are united by common objectives. With access to a broad pool of skilled and experienced clinicians, you can quickly integrate physicians and APPs into your organization. The Alliance offers a distinctive approach from traditional models with unparalleled flexibility, scalability and accountability.

Vendor Management
Venn brings innovative technology to medical practices. Our technology solution, Kimedics, allows for greater visibility into operations. The platform can be utilized to manage permanent, contract and float pool staff.

Float Pool Management
Float pools play a vital role in ensuring consistent scheduling. Through Kimedics, Venn can help manage privileges, broadcast jobs and shifts to clinicians via a mobile app, schedule clinicians easily across privileged locations and track utilization.

Advanced Scheduling
Through innovative processes and technology, Venn analyzes availability among current and contingent staff, broadcasts open shifts, facilities direct shift booking, enables location-specific staffing models, simplifies scheduling across multiple locations, and facilitates schedule sharing and publishing.

Resource Management Strategies
Venn is a strategic partner that works to develop custom, data-driven workflows that tie back to each organization’s unique situation and talent strategy.

Transition Management
Whether you are onboarding new staff, changing management groups, or simply adjusting resourcing, effective transition management will minimize disruptions to existing staff and the community, ensuring quality patient care every step of the way.